The Navaís 38í Ocean Series are truly unique craft. They provide previously unheard of levels of performance and efficiency using high output single diesel technology, an integral surface drive system, a slippery deep-V hull and engineered lightweight advanced composite construction.  All this in luxury cruiser / sport boats with elegant, traditional lines suitable for day use or extended excursions.  Their accommodations and amenities allow for comfortable independent living away from port for more than 4 people. 


Nava's 38' Ocean series are serious boats, big and beamy, with luxuriously wide side decks and a proper fully enclosed and appointed  main salon with  6 ft. 6 in. of headroom.


To achieve exceptional performance and operating efficiency we made a commitment to reduce hull resistance and weight and  to improve thrust efficiency.  Every Nava 38 owner will enjoy superior performance plus a significant reduction in ongoing operating costs, an extended cruising range and a boat that's easier to maintain and operate.  Here is how we did it:

The NAVA 38 provides superior performance than similar boats that have twice the power, twice the fuel consumption, twice the ongoing operating expenses and only half the range.

The NAVA 38's elegant traditional styling, and state of the art, robust performance make it truly unrivaled in design and function.  The 38ís ease of up-keep and economic operation make it a pleasure to run, while itís long-range, self-sufficiency, and fast, sea worthy capabilities provide  for real adventure.