Charlie Jannace - Naval Architect

Mr. Jannace is considered a leader in the field of deep V hull design.

He is the designer of Blackfin Yachts and some of the best running hulls being built today. Charlie has been designing boats for more than 40 years, first in the design office of Phil Rhodes, then for several years with C. Raymond Hunt & Associates (the inventor of the deep V hull) and Richard Bertram & Company and now with his own design firm.

Charlie Jannace’s trademark design is unique in that they not only deliver incomparable performance in all sea conditions, but are also very appealing aesthetically with graceful sweeping lines, elegant compound curves and dramatic bow flares. With a running surface like that of a high performance off shore racing boat, they are noted for handling head seas like few others and achieving cruise speeds many other hull designers only dream of.

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